Vexus DVX 22

Vexus DVX 22 Highlights
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  • Length: 21’10”
  • Beam: 101″
  • Max HP: 400
  • Fuel: 60 GA

A ROUGH WATER EATING MACHINE…Explains the DVX 22 by Vexus Boats.

The DVX22. Inside, it’s a literal sea of innovation. Outside, it carries an equally overwhelming focus on break-through performance. With all the advantages surrounding this revolutionary multi-species design, three things you’ll never forget about this machine are the Ride, Ride, and Ride. Built with a greater deadrise, performance-tuned strakes, generous bow flare, and dual spray rails, the DVX22 is built to crush big water with an incredibly dry Ride. A Ride that glides over the rough stuff, smoothing out tough, windy days and locking in on fish like a walleye on a redtail chub. It’s all supported with an equally impressive superstructure, predicated on our exclusive Infused Composite Construction™ lamination schedule. This clean, green process virtually eliminates all VOC emissions during manufacturing, creating a better workplace and environment. Combined with our quadraxial glass composition, the process delivers exceptional repeatability, close tolerances, and optimum glass-to-resin ratios.

Inside, the DVX22 is packed with more First-and-Best-In-Class™ features than any other rig in its class. The 21’10” length is surrounded by an ultra-stable 101” beam, making the bad-to-the-bone layout extremely roomy and efficient. Likewise, the elevated front deck is engineered to do more than increase your confidence, it’s a key advantage whether you’re vertical fishing, casting to targets, or figure eighting with longer rods. Speaking of rods, the huge interior is literally filled with rod and gear storage as well as a world of room in the cockpit. The helm enjoys room for multiple, 12” flush-mounted electronics while the windshield, itself, is also set apart from the crowd – mounting to the structural integrity of the unitized deck, not the consoles.

Below the cockpit floor, sixty gallons of fuel capacity are joined by another compartment including even more room for batteries and a built-in charger. Also in the cockpit is our exclusive, Intensive Care™ dual-level livewell system along with rear deck storage, an external charging/battery meter station, triple net storage, Cold Spot™ cooler, a full transom guarding against accidental backwash, and much more.

Check out the full roster of DVX22 features. Then, surround yourself with more room, more innovation, and more total performance. From the unparalleled Ride to the intensely focused design, this multi-species machine is precision-engineered to Rule Rough Water™.

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