The New Baby Bull Shad From Mike Bucca And The Catch Co.
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The Baby bull shad is here! Originating out west, large-bodied swimbaits have developed a cultlike following that has spread throughout the country. Incredible fish drawing power and the ability to specifically target the big ones are a few reasons why people love swimbaits. Mike Bucca is already a legend, known for creating a west coast style swimbait in a color pattern and size option that matches a common forage type (shad). Catch Co. worked with Triton Mike to create a downsized, commercial version of his highly effective bait without sacrificing on action or quality.


How To Fish The Baby Bull Shad

The Baby Bull Shad has the versatility to be fished both fast and slow and can also be twitched to produce a back and forth walking motion. Burning your bait will create a subsurface action that will drive fish wild. While counting down the Bull Shad to the desired swimming depth and imparting a slow, steady retrieve is a good way to keep your lure deeper in the strike zone.

Another Baby Bull Shad bonus is its ability to produce more bites when compared to the larger sized swimbaits. This is a plus for both tournament sticks and entry-level swimbait anglers trying to get comfortable throwing bigger baits.

Baby Bull Shad Pro Tips

Baby Bull Shad
The Pearl Bone Baby Bull Shad

When casting to cover, always try to cast well past the target you plan on fishing, this helps prevent spooking fish. The first cast you make at a target is usually the most likely to get bit, make sure it’s a good one!

Each Bucca Shad comes with a synthetic tail with little nylon fibers adding to the realism of each bait. After continued use, your tail fibers may get warped or bent out of shape. To fix, dip your tail into boiling water for 2 seconds and it should reset itself.

If you’re noticing followers chasing your bait back to the boat, let your baby bull shad sink a little deeper. If you see the following fish, the following fish can probably see you. Fishing deeper is a good way to help turn the following fish into keepers.

If you have ever seen Mike Bucca fish one of his swimbaits, you will often see him reeling quickly to keep his bait right up at the surface. This creates that killer wake and gives the bass an easy target. Much like his larger models, the Baby Bull Shad can be fished this same way to attract big bass. Alternatively, slow it down or add in some twitches to trigger strikes from bass that aren’t looking to chase.


  1. Darryl Williams

    I think it’s going to be an awesome bait. Ive been waiting for them to come out with this smaller version. Just my opinion but the bigger baits do tend to take a while to generate bites and 1 big fish doesn’t necessarily win a tournament whereas this smaller version is for that exact purpose to generate more bites. Its definitelt gonna be exciting to fish.

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