Now that you’re hooked on wanting to go fishing, you’ll need some fishing gear. Some people begin fishing using a cane pole or a plastic jug with line wrapped around it. But come on! We want you outfitted with real gear to catch some seriously big fish, right? So let’s talk about rod and reel combinations then how you can get some.

Push-button ease of a “spin casting” outfit

For beginners, the safest choice is a spin-casting rod-reel combination. It’s super easy to use with the simple push-and-release of a thumb button to cast the bait or lure. It also has a “drag” setting that allows big fish to pull line out of the reel without breaking the line. Visit your tackle or sporting goods outlet and get some expert sales advice before you purchase an outfit. The good news is that you can actually buy a good beginner combo spin-cast outfit for about the price of a deluxe pizza.

Open-faced spinning reel option

Another good choice for young anglers is the open-faced spinning reel combo. It’s a bit more complicated to cast using a “bail” that you need to open, then using your finger to hold and release the line during casting. Yeah, it’s a bit more hassle, but on the positive side you can cast farther using lighter baits plus, the drag feature can be very smooth and forgiving on big fish. They cost a bit more that a spin-cast outfit yet they’re still pretty reasonable.

Of course you’ll also need fishing line and lures or bait with a hook to catch fish. The options here are waaaay too many to try and cover here. So we’ll outfit you with these helpful links below and let you explore by yourself. But when you get your outfit, your fishing gear sales person should be able to match the right line and lures with your outfit. A little detective work on the website will help you better understand your rod-reel-line-lure-bait options.

So where can you get your hands on fishing gear? Obviously, you can go buy it from a store. That gives you a sense of ownership and pride in your new outfit… especially if you paid for it with money you earned. Below are some other ways you can access or earn fishing gear:

This roadside flea market had tons of fishing gear for dirt cheap

  • Parents-grandparents-relatives
  • Garage sales (no joke – you can get some real steals)
  • Used-repaired outfits from bait-tackle shops
  • Tackle loaner programs (some State DNRs and fishing orgs/clubs)

Now that you’ve got your new fishing outfit, how do you use it? Learning by yourself might actually get you “tangled up”… so here are some more helpful tips from our fishing friends at And don’t forget to search for helpful YouTube videos on fishing instruction.







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