Final results for FLW Harris chain, photos and final standings.


What an event!

Day one with bags ranging from 13-26 LBS and day 2 was postponed due to inclement weather.

30 Anglers fished on Championship Sunday which created a unique field as typically its only the top 10.

Some anglers fished the same spots on day #1 and #2 which seemed to pay off for them. From offshore weed beds, spawning beds, docks to shell beds the FLW pro’s had it all covered.

Congratulations to Laramy Strickland for his well deserved win which bagged him a purse of OVER 100K! 

Miles Burghoff landed a 6th place finish.

Erik Luzak landed a 13th place finish.

John Cox landed a 19th place finish.

Below you’ll find the FINAL standings & photos with total purse/winning for each angler.

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