HJJS Fishing Pliers (Air-Craft Grade Aluminum) and Fish Gripper (Stainless Steel) in a Combined Set of Fishing Tools

Detailed Information
  • Durable and Multi-functional Usages – The pliers delivers excellent corrosion resistance, keep long lasting anti-rust nature even fishing in the sea always.
  • Multi-functional Usages – The pliers completes with Tungsten Carbide fishing line cutter, split ring and Titanium-coated stainless steel fish hook remover.
  • Protective Shield – Each pliers is provided and cased with a nylon pouch and elastic tying straps.
  • Measuring Functions – The fish lip gripper carries with precise measuring tape and scale. They can measuring the fish up to 39 inches/1m and 40 pounds/15kg in weight.
  • Easy to Handhold – Well designed fish grabber enables to grab fishes sreadily. Also, the EVA-made hand grip ensures the holder with very good sense of handholding and able to avoid risk of hand slip even under wet condition.
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