Dudley is three-time winner of FLW’s coveted Angler of the Year trophy. Dudley’s dominating 2012 season included wins at Beaver Lake and Lake Champlain, followed by a third-place at the Potomac and a top-10 finish at the Forrest Wood Cup on Lake Lanier (fifth). Dudley is FLW’s all-time leading money winner and the only angler with earnings surpassing the $3 million mark. In 2003, he won the FWC at the James River. Dudley and his wife Angela have five children. When he is not fishing or running his horse ranch, you can find him out coon hunting. He loves saltwater fishing in the Atlantic Ocean where the variety of fish caught never ceases to amaze him. His favorite bassing spot is Falcon Lake, and he loves cranking for bass. He is also a fishing guide and says that one of his most memorable fishing moments is when a woman he was on a guide trip with caught a bass by hooking a swivel from a line that the fish had previously snapped off from some other unlucky angler. “The chances of that happening are like one in a kajillion,” he says.