Best Gator Hunting Device Ever?


Florida Sportsman member Mackokid raises quite the interesting idea, using 3-D bottom imaging to locate gators laying low on the bottom. Most newer GPS/Fishfinder units have some kind of 3-D imaging available, such as Humminbirds “Side-Scan” imaging shown in the photo. These devices can pick up almost anything laying on the bottom, from boats to branches. Granted, this technology is not cheap, but members seem to think the idea is not to far fetched. However, a little controversy is raised in how easy a device like this may make gator hunting, giving hunters an unfair advantage.

“Think one of these bad boys would be able to pick up a gator on the bottom? I know they pick up underwater trees and branches where you can see the individual branches. A little pricey but…interesting idea for locating gators laying on the bottom. What do yall’ think?”

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Best Gator Hunting Device Ever?
Best Gator Hunting Device Ever?

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