Elite Canadian Bass Anglers TOUR

Newest Bass Fishing Circuit in Canada


Source: https://elitecanadianbassanglers.ca 

Newest professional bass tournament series in Canada

Welcome to Canada’s newest tournament series. 

This event is a 100% payback and is located on the Bay of Quinte. One of Ontarios most prestigious areas for largemouth and smallmouth fishing!

The anglers will be competing for 1st place and payout continues to 10th place PLUS big fish!

A special thanks to Gary Williams  and his entire team for starting this new tour.

Be sure to check out the ECBA website for complete details on the entire series and payouts.

The ECBA has one of the strongest payouts in the Canadian circuits.

Some contingency offerings are from Ranger Boats, Triton Boats & Nitro Boats. Full sponsor link here https://elitecanadianbassanglers.ca/sponsors

Below are the tournament organizers.

Gary Williams

Co-tournament organizer for the Mighty Mucks Bass Tournament for over 30 years.

Former Chief and councillor of the Curve Lake First Nation.

Co-founder of The Land Between and grass roots environmental protection organization.

Semi retired from the construction industry where he owned his own business for 34 years.

Enjoying working part time at his sons business Williams Construction.

Our goal at the Mighty Mucks Bass Tournaments has always been to provide a tournament that is a fun, family oriented event at the same time promoting collaboration between the anglers to help increase their exposure to the sport. It is my goal as one of the founders of the Elite Canadian Bass Anglers Tour to provide a venue that allows for:

1. Safe handling of the fish
2. Maximizing opportunities for increased return on investment for the anglers
3. Develop a professionally ran tournament that will attract corporate sponsors while raising the image and exposure of elite bass anglers in Canada
4. Release a schedule that considers lake tournament pressure, weekend traffic on the water and a potential to help increase family time
5. Develop a working relationship with like minded people to help grow the sport

Karl Irons

Co-founder of the Mighty Mucks Bass Tournament.

Karl has been a key part in the development, operations and direction of our Mighty Mucks tournaments over the years.

Founder of the original Katchawano Old Timers Bass Tournament which started over 35 years ago.

Karl has been fishing competitively for over 35 years and has won many tournaments throughout the years such as Best Nitro Series, The Emerald Isle Tournament, Reel Fishing Tournament, GM Pro Series, Rice Lake Lions Tournaments, Heritage Fishing and the Stoney Lake Combo.

Karl’s knowledge, experience and sense of humour has been an immeasurable contribution to the continuation of the tournaments he has helped run as well participated in.

Over the years Karl has developed many great relationships with other tournament organizers and has always had an appreciation and respect for the work they do.

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